Move over, my fair ladies

You can’t have a dog, son

Little boy (around 5): “MUMMY, MUMMY, LOOK!!! A DOGGY!!! HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!! THE DOGGY IS SO CUTE!!!”

Mum: “Haha yes son, the dog is very cute.”

Me: “Thank you!”

Little boy: “Is it your dog?”

Me: “Yup!”

Little boy: “Mummy when I grow up like 姐姐 I want a small doggy too!”

Me: *awkward smile*

Mum: “No, you can’t have a dog.”

Little boy: “Not now la! Next time!”

Mum: “You can’t have a dog next time either.”

Little boy: “WHY???”

Mum: “Because you’re a Muslim, son!”

Little boy: “But will I still be a Muslim when I grow up?”

Hahahaha I found this so cute because his mum looked completely exasperated and the entire time he just kept stretching his hand out trying to touch Hoovy! I do feel bad that he can’t have a dog but maybe he loves all animals and someday he’ll be a little hero adopter! :)